When Congress passed Title 47 - Telecommunications - Part 97 - Amateur Radio Service,

administered by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), it provided for the

development of a trained, licensed Amateur Radio Service to be available during times of

emergency (SUBPART E - Providing Emergency Communications.)


Part 97 also provides for the administration of instructional Amateur Radio Classes and

Testing through the Volunteer Examiners Program (SUBPART - F Qualifying Examination



To comply with these requirements SCCARC is affiliated with the American Radio Relay

League (ARRL) and its Volunteer Examiner Program. Teaching materials that conform to

FCC requirements are obtained from the ARRL. SCCARC has a certified Volunteer Examiner

Team consisting of a large number of our licensed members.


Classes for all levels of Amateur Radio Licensing will be offered by SCCARC as needed.

Those interested in initial or advanced classes should contact the Club Training Coordinator.


The facilities available, at the time, for the Class and/or examination session will determine

any limit to class size (Part 97 - Subpart F 97 - 309 (a).) If a limit must be imposed, the

following priority ranking will be used to assign class and/or examination participation:


1. Residents of Sun City Center and "Members in Good Standing" in the CA.

2. Residents of Kings Point and Sun Towers; "Members in Good Standing" in their respective


3. Non-residents.


It must be emphasized that participation in a class by a non-resident does not include

membership in SCCARC. Membership is restricted by Sun City Center Community

Association (SCCCA) rules and as defined in the Community Association approved SCCARC



To schedule an exam, contact VE Bob Goldberg WA4M