Guideline for Disposal of Surplus Equipment


This document is being issued because occasionally, due to equipment replacement or

donations, the Board of Directors directs that the surplus equipment should be liquidated.

The following guidelines shall be used by the Board when disposing of surplus equipment:


When disposing of surplus equipment, it should first of all be offered for sale to SCCARC

Members. Secondly, it should be sold at a Hamfest or other suitable venues.


There are three classes of surplus equipment: First, equipment valued $100.00 or more,

second, equipment under $100.00; finally, equipment having little or no value. The final class

of equipment should be offered to SCCARC Members at no cost; if no takers, equipment

should be scrapped or recycled safely.


A fair market price should be established for all surplus equipment to be offered for sale to

Members. The Board will offer a reduced minimum bid price (75% of market) to our

members. The Board will publicize the sale to all members including the final date upon

which sealed bids can be submitted. The Member having the highest bid over the minimum

price will be awarded the equipment.



If the surplus equipment is not sold to a SCCARC Member, the Board should offer it for sale

at other suitable venues.


Approved by SCCARC Board of Directors November 25, 2009