Sun City Center Amateur Radio Club

Radio Room infection control rules

June, 2020


Room access and Security

All persons allowed into the radio room during the transition period must be members of the club with the appropriate identification worn

-  CA issued badge or Club issued picture ID.   There will be no visitors admitted to any CA facility until normal practices resume.


Our current policy of requiring all people entering the room to sign in and out.


Use of HF radio equipment will continue to be logged. 


It is the responsibility of all room Monitors, Club Officers and Club Members to require that these rules are followed.


Anyone with a fever, cough or other symptoms of COVID-19  infection should not enter the radio room or enter the maintenance

building for any reason whatsoever. 


Entry to this space is  “ At your own risk “ and all individuals should consider their own personal health and risk factors

prior to entering any social spaces on CA property. 


Room occupancy will be limited to Five ( 5 ) people concurrently with a 6 foot minimum separation maintained.


Use of masks will be encouraged but not mandatory.


New infection control procedures to be followed-


All members that enter the room will be required to immediately either properly wash their hands in our sink or apply hand sanitizer.

This is required prior to touching anything in the room and prior to signing in. 


Personal contact is discouraged – handshakes,  fist bumps, hugs,  etc.


Members should limit contact with any items that they do not need to handle – office supplies, computers, shared radio equipment etc.

A box will be provided  on the main desk for pens, staplers etc that need to be sanitized after use.


SCCARC reopening plan


Radio equipment, computers and desks that are touched / contacted will be wiped with sanitizing product after use by the person touching it

and sanitizing of the HF radios / Microphone noted in the equipment log. 

Cleaning procedures and which cleaners can be used on the electronic  equipment will be posted.


Only one person at a time will be allowed at the following positions:  

HF radio position,   Club computer position,  VHF / Echolink / Packet

radio position,  Laptop and TV position. 


Chairs that should not be used will be taped off to discourage use.


A maximum of four ( 4)  people will be allowed to sit, properly spaced out, at the large conference table.


Eating in the room is discouraged.

Shared food or drink items will no longer be allowed – for example: a box of cookies passed around, candy etc.

All food brought into the room must be taken home or disposed of when the member leaves. We will suspend the use of the refrigerator for open or

partially consumed items.


The club will provide antibacterial hand soap.  Members will be encouraged to bring hand sanitzer with them or to donate sanitizers to the club ( recommended ).


The daily room Monitor will wipe off used desk surfaces, chairs and any equipment used prior to leaving.  The Monitor will wipe the entry door handles

and combination lock, both inside and outside the room when leaving the room for the day.   A log sheet will be posted to log these activities.


Meetings that require attendance by more than 5 members should continue to be held via video conference or at a venue suitable for the size of the gathering per social distancing rules.


In person club meetings will be suspended until the CA Facilities (Florida room) etc are approved for these types of gatherings. 

Use of electronic conferencing will be encouraged.