Operating the Club Radios


1)      Please only operate the radios on frequencies that are permitted by your own personal license class

2)    Reset radios to the “home frequency” (147.225 or 14.282 MHz as may be appropriate) before  turning off radios
Leave the Echolink & Winlink radios --and related PCs -- “on”

3)    Turn off all radios, PC’s, TVs and lights when locking up the club ham shack

4)    HF rigs:

a.     There is a separate ' radio log ' next to the HF equipment.  Please note your use of the equipment in this log. There is a comments field to report any issues

b.     Log contacts in the Ham Radio Deluxe computer log book.

c.      If you need training or qualification on the HF equipment - SSB, Digital , CW, HRD  -  please contact Joel Bahl KQ0J