Operating the Club Radios


1)      Please only operate the radios on frequencies that are permitted by your own personal license class

2)    Reset radios to the “home frequency” (147.225 or 14.282 MHz as may be appropriate) before  turning off radios
Leave the Echolink & Winlink radios --and related PCs -- “on”

3)    Turn off all radios, PC’s, TVs and lights when locking up the club ham shack

4)    HF rigs:

a.     There is a separate ' radio log ' next to the HF equipment.  Please note your use of the equipment in this log. There is a comments field to report any issues

b.     Log contacts in the Ham Radio Deluxe computer log book.

c.      If you need training or qualification on the HF equipment - SSB, Digital , CW, HRD  -  please contact Joel Bahl KQ0J


Update of 7/25/20:


Make sure you ALWAYS put the Amp on the correct band before transmitting - on both Amps. 


Radio #2 - Digital

- Use RTTY mode on the Amp if you use it and limit output to 200W.


- I added a Dummy load to Antenna position #2 - just in case someone mistakenly starts transmitting there so it does not have a problem.


Radio #1  - Main HF station

80-10  meter wire > I added a lightning arrestor and the common mode choke ( MFJ-915 ) that we had purchased for it.  Tuner coax direct position #2.  

- 40 Meters , the SWR is only 1.8 but the Amp will not put more than 400W into it without tripping.

- 30 meters will work if you use the Tuner position #2 and adjust,  I have it set there now - I don't expect any of you will ever use it on 30M, but if you do, you will need to tune the radio on LOW power to get a low SWR first. 

- I will be trying to find a sweet spot on the tuner so we can run more power into it on 40M.  For serious 40M operation we will have to cable the beam element into the tuner.



On 15 meters - especially on windy days the SWR will vary and cause the Amp to fault at about 500w.  You reset the AMP fault by switching to standby and back to operate.


Beam 40M element

Use antenna #2 on the Radio.   If we see the need for high power on the 40 M element we will have to swap it with port #2 on the tuner.



I added a surge strip to the outlet that the 440 repeater plugs into.  That gives us 2 empty sockets for accessories or lights etc.


Vertical on Radio #2

Working fine.  It is pretty poor on 6 meters. I have made a few contacts there but not many.  If you are running without the amp , use the built in tuner on the 756 to touch up the SWR.


Next operating event:

North America SSB QSO party  August 15. 2 PM > whenever.