SCCARC Board of Directors guidelines for disciplinary action

This document is being issued because events unfortunately have dictated the need to install TV surveillance equipment to protect the equipment in the radio room. If inappropriate actions are observed, the following guidelines shall be used by the Board when disciplinary action is warranted:

If a NON MEMBER of SCCARC is observed after hours or without a Club member present, he/she should be reported to the CA and law enforcement.

If a MEMBER of SCCARC is observed at anytime not abiding by club rules or regulations, the following disciplinary actions may be taken by the Board:

1 - A verbal warning - after first offense is observed. Example - not following Club rules and procedures.

2 - A written warning - after the second verbal warning within a calendar year. Example - repeat offense for which verbal warning given.

3 - Withdraw the right to access the Radio Room when alone. Example - deliberate tampering with radio equipment (non destructive).

4 - Board follow steps to remove member from SCCARC Club membership as outlined in the By-Laws.

Example - deliberate destruction of Club equipment. Repeated similar actions where steps 1 thru 3 above have been taken and ignored.

Note: Deliberate destruction of Club equipment would, of course, also involve informing the CA and law enforcement.

The Secretary shall maintain a secure file of disciplinary actions taken which is only open to Board members. When discipline is necessary, it should be a private matter between the Board and the Member except #4 above which must involve the entire Membership.

Approved by SCCARC Board of Directors August 26, 2009